Resilient / 08. Resilient #7 // Wisdom from Above - Matt Carvel // James 3.13-18

08. Resilient #7 // Wisdom from Above - Matt Carvel // James 3.13-18

We are not sovereign as we think - rather we are at the mercy of messages coming from above and below. ‘Wisdom calls’ as we read in Proverbs, but so does Folly. This latter ‘wisdom’ gains consensus with the age we live in. James calls it earthly, unspiritual, demonic which points to the ephemeral, temporary and passing. This is opposed to the really-real, eternal and permanent - a Wisdom which is offered and accessible and infinitely preferable.

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  • 08.Resilient #7 // Wisdom from Above - Matt Carvel // James 3.13-18

    We are not sovereign as we think - rather we are at the mercy of messages coming from above and below. ‘Wisdom calls’ as we read in Proverbs, but so does Folly. This latter ‘wisdom’ gains consensus...

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    In the end, our ability to face trials and temptations has everything to do with our perception of the heavenly Father, in whom there is no shadow of turning, and from whom every good gift comes.

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