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God wants to have a relationship with each one of us, and an important part of any relationship is communication. Prayer allows us to open our hearts to God and let him know our innermost thoughts. It is also a way for us to stop and listen to what he wants to say to us.

Join Detectives Kate, Suchin, Ava, Mikel - aka Mike and Doug the Dog as they uncover the truth behind the ancient document called The Lord’s Prayer which Colonial Fluffweasel has instructed them to do.

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Emmanuel Kids EPs - Available Now

Here's a link to our Emmanuel Kids EPs on Spotify . who are you going to share it with? - family, friends, neighbours, schoolmates and maybe even the postie.

Have a listen to this playlist, featuring the songs from the Emmanuel Kids EPs - available on all music platforms

Grow, make friends and have fun.

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Kids Go

An exciting programme, for you to do in your household. There are 5 episodes, encouraging discussions about faith, team building together, and getting fitter.

This course is called "New Beginnings" - a theme which will go throughout the 5 episodes with our instructors, Ben & Felicty and Ingrid.

Anyone can participate regardless of fitness levels - done at your own pace.

This is available for you in our Kids Go Playlist now on our Emmanuel Kids YouTube Channel

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