Buried // From the Pit to the Palace: The story of Joseph and the Sovereignty of God / 01. Buried // 14 Joseph Dies - Matt Carvel // Genesis 50

01. Buried // 14 Joseph Dies - Matt Carvel // Genesis 50

Matt Carvel looks at the public and private reactions to Jacob's death, as well as the ongoing fragility of the relationship between Joseph and his brothers.

He connects Joseph's statement, "You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good," to the broader theme of God's sovereignty and how it is seen throughout the Bible. While this concept raises questions, it is best understood through stories rather than theories.

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  • 13.Buried // 14 Joseph Dies - Matt Carvel // Genesis 50

    Matt Carvel looks at the public and private reactions to Jacob's death, as well as the ongoing fragility of the relationship between Joseph and his brothers.

    He connects...

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  • 11.Buried // 12 Owning your truth - Matt Carvel // Genesis 47

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  • 10.Buried // 11 Wisdom Unveiled - Tobi Ford-Western // Genesis 45:1-28

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  • 09.Buried // 10 A Test of True Repentance - Matt Carvel // Genesis 44

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  • 08.Buried // 9 Return to Grace - Matt Carvel // Genesis 43

    A story of Grace. The brothers return, burdened with guilt. They return with double the money, hoping to pay back the debt they owe. They are invited into the palace, trembling at the prospect of...

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  • 07.Buried // 8 The journey towards reconciliation - Matt Carvel // Genesis 42:1-28

    From the story of Joseph's relationship with his brothers, Matt Carvel looks at the common experience of family members who do not speak to each other due to a relationship breakdown.
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  • 06.Buried // 7 Joseph Rises to Power - Stephen Dawson // Genesis 41:37-57

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  • 05.Buried // 6 Underneath the surface - Stephen Dawson // Genesis 41

    In this talk, Stephen Dawson looks at how God intervenes in history and uses Joseph's situation to bring about a greater purpose beyond what anyone could have imagined. This is a reminder that...

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  • 04.Buried // 5 Divine Insights - Neville Jones // Genesis 40:1-23

    In this chapter, Joseph is serving in prison, where he meets two of Pharaoh's officers, the cupbearer and the baker, both of whom are troubled by dreams which nobody can interpret. Joseph offers...

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  • 03.Buried // 4 Betrayal to Blessing - Tobi Ford-Western // Genesis 39:1-23

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  • 02.Buried // 3 The Pit of Our Own Making - Matt Carvel // Genesis 38:1-30

    The consequences of turning away from God's plan and purpose.

    Judah's decision to turn away from his family eventually leads him to a pit of his own making. In this context,...

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  • 01.Buried // 2 In the Pit - Stephen Dawson // Genesis 37:12-36

    This sermon series on Joseph's life is not just about Joseph, but is really about Jesus and His plan of redemption for all who believe. And as we study Joseph's life, we can see how God...

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