Why we believe reading the Bible is so important

In John 15, Jesus makes a whole list of promises to those who ‘abide in Him’. Those who abide will be fruitful in life. Those who abide will have their prayers answered. Those who abide will experience God’s love. Those who abide will be filled up with joy.

Sounds good. But how do we abide in Jesus? In verse seven, He gives us a clue when He adds, ‘and my words abide in you’. A central part of abiding in Jesus is reading the Bible. The whole Bible is about Jesus and it’s the primary way that we get to know Him for ourselves. You'll find below a plan to read the Bible every day. Why not agree with others in your site to follow it together?

Reading the Bible is not always easy, but we’ve found that, like in all of life, doing it in community is best. That’s why this year we want to help you get into God’s Word more than ever. Join us at Emmanuel as we begin a Bible Reading plan on 1st January to read the Bible together every day.

For the coming year, one of the best resolutions you can make is to have more of God in your life. Who doesn’t want fruitfulness, more answered prayer, love and joy in their life? Jesus doesn’t just suggest that we might get these things if we read the Bible, He promises that we will.

So why not take up His, and our, invitation to follow a Bible plan this year and see what difference God’s Word can make in your life day by day?