Sun 11th Dec, 7pm At The Clarendon Centre

A production of traditional and modern Christmas carols for everyone.

We have just spent the autumn term in Philippians under the heading, ‘Joy Has a Name’ and coming into the time when ‘Joy to the World’ is sung in churches across the land. The person of Jesus has been central in our Philippians series, He is our joy and so the incarnation, the celebration of Christmas, is the giver and the gift of Joy to the world.

It is our honour to extend an open invitation to join us for our Emmanuel Christmas concert we have called To The World Joy. Our prayer is that you will experience the Joy that Christmas brings.

Join us in a celebration at The Clarendon Centre which heralds the glorious coming of Jesus featuring musicians and creatives from across our 4 locations.

Due to high demand and limited spaces at the Clarendon Centre, the Christmas concert will be a ticketed event. Tickets are free and available at the link below. If you no longer need the tickets, we’d be ever so grateful if you cancelled the tickets.

Click here to book your free tickets

Christmas at Emmanuel

04 December

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10 am Great Christmas Bake Off At The Clarendon Centre and At The Oasis

05 December

7 pm Student Christmas Ball At The Clarendon Centre

11 December

10 am Emmanuel Kids Christmas Party At The Clarendon Centre and At The Shoreham Centre

10 am Christmas Jumper Day At The Oasis

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7 pm To The World Joy Concert

18 December

10 am Great Christmas Extravaganza At The Shoreham Centre

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6 pm Carols by Candlelight At The Clarendon Centre

24 December

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25 December

10 am Christmas Day Service At The Clarendon Centre

Our Christmas Playlist

Music from our Christmas productions, Son of Man and Light in The Dark Place are available on Spotify here.