The Otherside // A journey through Exodus

The Exodus story should be seen in light of its end. There are many dark elements here - Suffering, slavery, infanticide, fear, darkness, injustice. Yet, the story is told from God’s vantage point. Even when Moses and the Israelites can’t see or understand the plan, we know there is one. We know God is working despite the suffering. We know there will come a day of freedom and light and worship and glory… on the other side.

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1. Slavery In Egypt - Neville Jones
Exodus 1

In the first talk in the Otherside teaching series, Neville looks at how God has rescued us through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, setting us free to worship and glorify Him, which is our true meaning and purpose. Despite tough circumstances, God is at work in ways we may not understand, and He is closer to us than we think.

2. Moses' Early Life - Matt Carvel
Exodus 2

In the second talk in the Otherside teaching series, Matt Carvel looks at God's pattern of working in our lives that involves preservation, humiliation, and exaltation, leading us closer to Him.

3. Moses and the Burning Bush - Tobi Ford-Western
Exodus 3

In the third talk in the Otherside teaching series, Tobi Ford-Westerm takes us through Exodus 3, where we see the call of Moses. In it, we see what the Burning Bush symbolised, what “I am who I am” signified, and considered ‘The Angel of the Lord’ personified. Along the way, we see not only how God responds to prayer, but are given fascinating insight into how he receives it.