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  • 23. reboot_dying // Genesis 23.1-20, 25.1-18

    reboot_dying // Genesis 23.1-20, 25.1-18 Cover Image


    23. reboot_dying // Genesis 23.1-20, 25.1-18

    A poor and desolate ending for the carrier of God’s promises. And yet Abraham inherits everything. Tobi Ford Western completes our reboot series with a final talk on dying.
  • 22. reboot_salvation // Genesis 22:1-24

    reboot_salvation // Genesis 22:1-24 Cover Image


    22. reboot_salvation // Genesis 22:1-24

    Malcolm Gamon takes us through the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac and draws parallels with the crucifixion of Jesus.
  • 21. reboot_sacrifice // Genesis 22:1-24

    reboot_sacrifice // Genesis 22:1-24 Cover Image


    21. reboot_sacrifice // Genesis 22:1-24

    Stephen Dawson continues our reboot_ preaching series looking at Genesis 22:1-24. When Abraham and Isaac go up the mountain to sacrifice, they seem to lack a very important part of the equation: the...
  • 20. reboot_legalism // Galatians 4:21-31

    reboot_legalism // Galatians 4:21-31 Cover Image


    20. reboot_legalism // Galatians 4:21-31

    Simon Brading continues Emmanuel's reboot_ series looking at the topic of legalism and the freedom from it that we have in Jesus.
  • 19. reboot_compassion // Genesis 21:1-21

    reboot_compassion // Genesis 21:1-21 Cover Image


    19. reboot_compassion // Genesis 21:1-21

    Stephen Dawson looks at God’s compassion for Hagar and Ishmael and what this says to us today.
  • 18. reboot_fear // Genesis 20:1-18

    reboot_fear // Genesis 20:1-18 Cover Image


    18. reboot_fear // Genesis 20:1-18

    What is the fear of God? Why is it good for society? How can we be happy if we are afraid of God? Matt Carvel explores these questions in the next talk on the reboot_ series
  • 17. reboot_desire // Genesis 19.23-38

    reboot_desire // Genesis 19.23-38 Cover Image


    17. reboot_desire // Genesis 19.23-38

    Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back at Sodom during it's destruction. Tobi Ford-Western unpacks these two shocking stories of sin and judgement and what this...
  • 16. reboot_cities // Genesis 19.1-22

    reboot_cities // Genesis 19.1-22 Cover Image


    16. reboot_cities // Genesis 19.1-22

    What do you think of when you hear, 'Soddom and Gomorrah'?
    How about 'Fire and Brimstone'?
    Guest preacher Glen Scrivener walks us through the difficult passage of...
  • 15. reboot_nearness // Genesis 18:16-33

    reboot_nearness // Genesis 18:16-33 Cover Image


    15. reboot_nearness // Genesis 18:16-33

    Here we have one of the high points of scripture on the subject of praying. Abraham intercedes for Sodom and Gomorrah – especially with Lot’s family in mind. Joel Virgo teaches us about the nature of...
  • 14. reboot_fulfilment

    reboot_fulfilment Cover Image


    14. reboot_fulfilment

    The passage for this week finds Sarah and Abraham experiencing delay, doubt, and overall weakness as they wait for the fulfilment of God's promise of a son. Joel helps us see how they, and we,...
  • 13. reboot_obedience

    reboot_obedience Cover Image


    13. reboot_obedience

    God introduces circumcision as a sign of covenant. What does this mean and what difference does it make to us?

    Matt Carvel continues our reboot_ series looking at the theme of...
  • 12. reboot_family

    reboot_family Cover Image


    12. reboot_family

    Abram and Sarai experience a long season waiting for the fulfilment of God's promise. In an effort to 'help' God fulfil His word, they make a big mistake. If we learn from their...
  • 11. reboot_promise

    reboot_promise Cover Image


    11. reboot_promise

    Despite having just won a great victory, Abram is still in angst over his childlessness. This is the biggest issue in his life. God answers him in his pain not with a physical solution, but with a...
  • 10. reboot_faith

    reboot_faith Cover Image


    10. reboot_faith

    Sometimes we can live as though our lives are dictated by the things that remain unfulfilled. We can feel like we will never be who we should, but God has come down to us and through faith in Him -...
  • 09. reboot_priesthood

    reboot_priesthood Cover Image


    09. reboot_priesthood

    What is priesthood? Why do we need a priest? In this preach on the theme of 'priesthood', Stephen Dawson continues our reboot_ series looking at Melchizedek, Jesus, and what it means for...
  • 08. reboot_rescue

    reboot_rescue Cover Image


    08. reboot_rescue

    How can we live in the tension of being peaceable and also distinctive? Glen Scrivener continues our reboot_ series looking at the theme of 'rescue'.

    Have questions about this...
  • 07. reboot_generosity

    reboot_generosity Cover Image


    07. reboot_generosity

    What does it look like to be glad to give and have faith to be generous? Joel Virgo continues our reboot_ series looking at the theme of 'generosity'.

    Have questions about this...
  • 06. reboot_faithfulness

    reboot_faithfulness Cover Image


    06. reboot_faithfulness

    What happens when we lose sight of what God has called us to? Even though we are sinners and sufferers, God rescues us and invites us into a bigger story. Matt Carvel continues our reboot_ series...
  • 05. reboot_humanity

    reboot_humanity Cover Image


    05. reboot_humanity

    What does it look like to have confident trust in God? God is always on-the-go, coming close to you wherever you are and fulfilling His promises. Tobi Ford-Western continues our reboot_ series...
  • 04. reboot_history

    reboot_history Cover Image


    04. reboot_history

    Is the Bible reliable and trustworthy? Is it profitable and spiritual? When the Bible confuses you, you've got to think, read and consider over time to see the joy that it brings. Joel Virgo...
  • 03. reboot_diversity

    reboot_diversity Cover Image


    03. reboot_diversity

    What does it look like for different cultures to come together? God's intention for humanity is dependence on Him and diversity within communities. Matt Carvel continues our reboot_ series...
  • 02. reboot_

    reboot_ Cover Image


    02. reboot_

    Immutable truth from an ancient world.

    Join us for live digital church services on Sundays at 10am. Just like a normal Sunday service, we will have prayer, worship, a talk from the...
  • 01. reboot_purpose

    reboot_purpose Cover Image


    01. reboot_purpose

    What happens when we chase dreams that aren't suited for us? Are we building futures on our own sense of security? Joel Virgo opens our reboot_ series looking at the theme of...