This autumn we will be preaching through the New Testament letter of Philippians. We’ve called the series, ‘Joy Has a Name’ because the letter is all about how Jesus is every Christian’s source of joy and encouragement in any season of life.

We live in a time where personal joy and contentment in life is seen as the goal - but it is often hard to find - especially with the tough circumstances many of us face. But incredibly, almost two thousand years ago the apostle Paul wrote this letter from prison about how Jesus doesn’t just give us joy but is our joy, and knowing Jesus personally has transformed Christians’ lives ever since.

So come and be encouraged as we dig into this amazing truth and invite your friends and family so that they too might discover this joy in Jesus for themselves.

Joy Has A Name: A Study Through Philippians Sermons

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Recommended Resources to help study Philippians

Alec Motyer’s The Message of Philippians
Gordon Fee’s The Letter to the Philippians (NICNT Series)
Martin Lloyd Jones wrote two books on Philippians, Life of Joy and Life of Peace

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