The Emmanuel Institute

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth."
2 Timothy 2:15

The church needs disciples of Jesus who are zealous to become the best gift to the world that they can be! We want to do our part by offering high-quality, low-cost training to members of Emmanuel who want to push forward in their growth in the knowledge of God for the sake of His mission.

The Emmanuel Institute is designed to fulfil this need for training, taking into account the busyness of our lives. Training is delivered in blocks of one evening and one Saturday per month, over the course of two years (with breaks for Summer and Christmas). Between blocks, we supply preparatory material and extension tasks for reflection. See below for our proposed programme.

The modules fall into the broad categories of Theology, Ministry Formation and Mission, to provide a strong foundation for discerning and honing your own contribution to Christ's church. We believe that study and formation happen best in community, and to that end we will be looking to cultivate an ongoing rhythm of meetings and discussion across our sites and online settings.

We have priced this training at £250 per year, with an introductory offer of £150 for the first year. This represents unbeatable value and we urge you to consider applying. If finance is a problem for you, please speak to your site leader to enquire about further subsidies.

The course leader is Tim Jones (PhD King's College London and head of training at Emmanuel) and the teaching draws on the wisdom and experience of church leaders and teachers from our family of churches.

A bit more detail...

Who is it for?
Mature Christians in membership at Emmanuel seeking to go further theologically, intellectually and missionally whilst maintaining commitments elsewhere.

Capacity / Duration:
20 sessions (10 evenings and 10 days) over 2 years.

An evening and a day monthly (with Summer and Christmas breaks) and video / audio / reading content between blocks. Written assessments - 1 per year, with optional extension tasks

£250 per year (opening offer of £150 for the first year)

A broad grounding in the practice of theology, worldview emphasis. Articulated through Emmanuel values, Restoration heritage - city mission, word and Spirit, corporate prayer, worship, redemptive-historical theology. We're exploring the possibility of minor accreditation with Union who offer credits transferable towards further study with their institutions.


6/10/22The Extensive Gospel8/10/22Scripture Overview
3/11/22Christ in the Old Testament5/11/22Scripture Overview
1/12/22Newfrontiers3/12/22Church Planting
12/1/23Elements of Gathered Church14/1/23Preaching
9/2/23Creation in Church History11/2/23Genesis 1-3
16/3/23What is a Disciple?18/3/23Discipleship and Mission
20/4/23NT Polity22/4/23Leadership
18/5/23Transformationism20/5/23Apologetics and Polemics
15/6/23Doctrine of Providence17/6/23Lessons from Church History (ER)
13/7/23Cultural Norms15/7/23Gender and Sexuality (AB)

Reading List


Allister McGrath - Christian Theology / Christian Theology Reader

John Calvin - Institutes

R C Sproul - Essential Truths of the Christian Faith


Terry Virgo - Restoration in the Church / God's Lavish Grace

Edward Rhodes - Rooted


Edmund Clowney - The Unfolding Mystery

N T Wright and Michael Bird - The New Testament in Its World

Carson and Moo - An Introduction to the New Testament

John Drane - Introducing the Old Testament

Glynn Harrison - A Better Story


Chatraw and Allen - Apologetics at the Cross

Abraham Kuyper - Lectures on Calvinism

Alexander Strauch - Biblical Eldership

John Flavel - The Mystery of Providence

Andy McCullough - Global Humility

N T Wright - Virtue Reborn

How do I apply?

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If you have specific questions about the programme, please contact